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My phone crashed today, badly. In the process I had to hard reboot. Which means I lost everything. Including any new phone numbers I had since the last sync. and since I wasn't able to get my phone to sync last week when I tried, grr. I also lost any dates I 've added. and means my phone is currently empty of all numbers. most of that will be fixed when (if I can) I sync again tonight. But I still feel naked cause I have none of that info. I swear I never realized I was this dependant on it...
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I duffed my Treo on the way into the apartment today. Didn't even have the bastard 24 hours.

Couldn't have been somewhere nice and soft, couldn't have bounced off something to soften the fall..nope right onto the concrete in front of the mail box. Scuffed a couple spots real nice on the side.

This is exactly why I wanted a holder for it to put it right into when I got it. But I haven't really found anything I know I'll be 100% happy with.

And I know it can't stay new forever. Just with the cost of this thing, I'd liked to have had it survive a month scuff free.

Otherwise, I bloody love this thing. The only problem I've found, is it doesn't want to hold my log in for LJ. Especially when i'm trying to comment or reply to someones comments. Fellow Treo owners, any idea?
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I am making this entry from my brand new and spiffy Treo 650. This thing is fantastic. The keyboard is a little on the small size, but I'll get used to it.


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