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Mar. 5th, 2007 05:10 pm
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I imagine it's probably gone already for that price. even if it needed a little work, that's a pretty decide deal.
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What a gorgeous weekend. And the best part about it? I got to spend most of it on the back of a motorcycle, and for once not as the bitch on the back. :)

Ok, long more involved post may come later. Right now I'm tired and sore and need to take my ass to bed. But in case you were wondering...

o/~ 'I passed, I passed!!! o/~ *even if by the skin of my chinny chin chin, I swear I think to much* Ok, I feel better now. Now all I have to do is skippy my happy fat ass over to the DMV and get my neat new license with the nifty M tagged onto it. Yay. :)

Anyone know where I can get a motorcycle cheap? :)

Ok, now sleep.
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So, as very very few of you knew, I was trying to do a walk in for the CLC locations Motorcycle Beginners Riding Course. It's a very much sought after course. Classes generally sell out within hours of opening up for registration. The one saving grace, they allow walk ins. You show up, sign in and are given a number. They then draw the number of tickets needed to fill the spots of people who didn't show. We had 15 walk ins. All got in. *happy dance*. We started tonight and had 4 hours of class room time.

And in 8 hours I'll be driving my very first motorcycle. Shit, I should get to sleep.


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