Aug. 6th, 2005 06:32 pm
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The fun keeps rolling. Spent most of yesterday afternoon on the front stoop. I believe Vidar called it 'bringing bit of porch honky' wherever I go. Goof ball.

After lunch, we headed back. Devin, Kyttin and Vlad decided on a quick nap. I laid down, was just about to doze off when Rob scared the shit out of me by pounding on my door. Rob, Devin and I are upstairs and the rest of the group are in rooms downstairs.

Quick tangent. I fucking love this place. I love the house we are staying in, I love the view from my room. The love the feel of the neighborhood. I love the weather. I love the food. I just fucking love this place. Tangent complete.

Rob and I sat on the front stairs for close to 5 hours. Chatting and smoking. Vidar and 'Bob' (Vidar's younger brother) came back from wandering. Vidar joined us, Bob decided to head to his room. Sally came out and joined us for awhile, as well as Freezer her cheeky little pug. After Devin woke up (Rob was suppose to wake her after a hour, decided not to) I called Vlad and Kyttin. After joining us we headed out for food.

After coming back we decided to skip the con parties, they were all bid parties...boring... and drank in Vlad and Kyttin's room. Finally heading to bed around 3.

Needless to say I wasn't up and showered for breakfast. Woke up long enough to eat most of my breakfast and went back to sleep. Devin and Rob finally woke me around noon and we showered and headed over to the convention center to meet up with Kyttin and Vlad. Got some lunch, did some more sight seeing, bought more booze, now we are back at what seems to be our 'hang out place' of this portion of the trip. The Goat. Mmm Scrumpy Jack cider, a ghost and a big goat in the window down stairs. If any place back home had half the feel of this place, I'd be more then happy.

Vlad and Kyttin should be here shortly, should go drink my cider.
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It's beautiful here. I love it! It's sunny and 3 minutes later it's raining. The B&B is great. I love the arciture here. Even the shabby buildings look cool.

Got to bed at a decent time. My brain has seemed to pick up the 6 hour difference pretty well. As long as I don't think about the fact it's 1 in the afternoon here and my mate may be on his way to work about now and I've been up 5 hours already, it's all good.

Went back last night and pretty much crashed. Devin and Rob crashed when we got back to the house originally, sleeping til 8 this morning when Sally brought us breakfast. Coffee, Cereal, toast & strawberry jam, orange juice, european yogurt. All served in my room. It was great. Got up around 7:45, showered has my morning cig and was joined by Sally's adorable pug Freezer. I've never thought of pugs as cute, but he's a doll.

Found 2 ghosts live in the B&B. One downstairs, one upstairs. Neither bothered my rest last night.

Today, so far, as been spent wandering around taking pictures and just grooven.

Mmm, lunch is here. I love it, I've had three meals here, all at pubs, and had cider with every meal. I may never come home...


Aug. 4th, 2005 07:50 pm
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It's cold and rainy and great. We got in on time, I got little sleep on the plane. Hardly any crying kids.

Took us over a hour to get through customs. I have my first stamp in my passport. We got our bags and with a pretty wild ride in a cab we were at our B&B.

Sally, the proprietor, is awesome. You can't find much sweeter. She's real chatty, her sister owns space further down the building. When we first pulled up, I wasn't sure we had the right place. Come to find out, it's a historial building and they are not allowed to have signs. Sally has already informed us we have a ghost that wonders the hallways, creaking the floor boards. I didn't even sense him when we came in, so he must be pretty mellow.

Managed a shower and to wander out for food. I'm in a civilized country, they serve cidar on tap at every place I've been into. I love this place.

And I've just tried my first sip of Scrumpy Jack. I love this place!!!

If you need to reach me while I'm here, email my hotmail account, that's pretty much the only one I'm checking.


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