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Oh. My. Gawd. This weekend was unbelievable.

Friday was The Sandcarvers CD release party. Good music as always. Kinda mild and satisfying, like kissing.

Saturday was Gaelic Storm at House of Blues. Far more involved. Much heavier. Misti thinks it's the best show she's seen from Gaelic Storm. I unfortunately had the towering trio in front of me so I only saw half the show between their heads. But the music was rocking. Kind of like Foreplay.

Then there was Sunday. Oh my gawd. Misti and I went up to Madison to see Great Big Sea. We met up with a group of people from the GBS boards. Misti nor I knew any of them. And spent 3 hours out in the cold and rain waiting for general admission to open. There was music and singing and general a good time. MADISON 21 baby! Anyway... I saw them when they were in Chicago and it was a really good show. However last night was amazing in ways I didn't know a show could be. I've seen a lot of concerts. I think last night was the best show I have ever seen from any band. EVER. We got an acoustic performance of Sea of No Cares, which was done basically as close as they could to the way Alan first heard it after it was first written. We got an accapalla 5 part harmony, without mics or anything. Alan stepped up to the edge of the stage with the other guys on either side of him and announced they that they were told they couldn't do this. And told everyone to be quiet. After he did they did Ole Browns Daughter. Oh, did I mention I was front and almost center stage? (I was stage Sean, which is just to the right of center stage). If I hadn't already been blown away already you could have knocked me over right then and there. Sean did Hangin Johnny, completely impromptu. He spent the time between the verses trying to remember the words. :D This was like the best sex you could ever imagine.


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