Nov. 8th, 2007 07:49 pm
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Don't wanna, don't wanna, don't wanna!

That is all.

Con part 1

Jun. 12th, 2006 07:10 am
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Duckon was this weekend. It was good. [ profile] wyldekyttin threw a birthday party at the con, registered and all. Unfortunately, I don't remember the name of the party...I killed a lot of brain cells that night.

Friday was mellow, did a late dinner out with 'The Crew' then headed over to the hotel for a bit of hang out time. Either all the parties closed early Friday, or it was amazing lame. Not sure which, but either way there like 4 parties opened and only 2 were serving. And no mater what party room you went into, it was hot as holy hell in there. We made an earlish break, heading back to Kyttin's around 2-2:30. We'd opted to only get a room Saturday night, since most of the parties involved have Anthrocon next weekend.

We were in bed by 3 am on a con weekend?!? Not only that, got a good 7-8 hours sleep. Amazing, didn't know that was allowed during a con weekend. Wait, we didn't work this one..... o/~ 'Not our fault, not our problem not our con....' o/~ We got to the hotel at about 2, after [ profile] crim_ferret made us waffles and we did our running through the shower.

Saturday afternoon was spent readying the room for an open door party we decided to have about the time Kyttin walked in the room and saw the size of it. Actually, not entirely sure why she decided too but I was cool with it. Eh, what the hell, we had enough booze. So, with a quick registering with the party liaison and a big run out my [ profile] unclevlad and a few quick calls by me (I hadn't brought my laptop) and a quick run to the store for me as well (supplies for the laptop and lunch for everyone else) and we were set for a full fledged party. No expensive decorations, just booze and music. So, after lunch, and a quick visit from [ profile] linnaeus, we finished prepping the room by completely moving all the furniture in the room around. And finally opened doors around 10:30 I believe. There were a few other good parties, but it's the first I think EVER I have gone to con and drank the entire night strictly from the stash we brought. And drink did I, by the end of the night I was miserable. But what a ride it was. Ran into a number of people throughout the weekend. Most of them I even wanted to see. Finally got to see and spend more time with [ profile] tardis21, whom I hadn't seen since our friends Holly and Vladie's wedding back in February. All in all, a most excellent night.

Sunday morning, moved very very very slow. After taking my ever lovin time to get out of bed and hoping at some point the world would stop spinning so I could get off, we all got packed and our of the room about an hour after check out. Got the cars loaded and decided on a quick lunch at Cozymel's. Mmm, hadn't been there in years and forgot how yummy they were. At your table made guacamole. :9 Went back to Kyttins to help them unload the van and ended up spending time there chatting with [ profile] foxish while Kyttin and Crim napped. I ended up home around 8:30. Had a quick dinner and was in bed by 11. All in all a good weekend.

Ok, it's off to work with me now, I think I may end up late...


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